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Robert Godwin has been covering the non-profit scene in Austin from the time of blue jeans and backyard barbeques to the black-tie galas of today. With over 20,000 events recorded by word and photo, Godwin leads the leagues in rubber chicken consumption. As a constant witness to the power of publicity, he now seeks to enlist a legion of assistants by sharing his knowledge of the publicity process.

Angelina Eberly Luncheon

Posted at February 4, 2016 by Comments Off on Angelina Eberly Luncheon

The annual Angelina Eberly Luncheon hosted by the Austin History Center Association brought a full house to the Driskill Hotel. Folks were having so much fun visiting that considerable urging was needed to get them into the ballroom for the lunch and program. Association President Charles Betts offered greetings and invited all to enjoy lunch before beginning the program. On the podium was Moderator John Street (Principal, John Street Beachfront Properties) with panalists Sandy Gottesman (Founding Partner, Live Oak Gottesman), John Rosato (Principal, Southwest Strategies Group) and Tom Stacy (Founding Partner, Capridge Partners). They presented a fascinating look at Austin development during the 1970’s to present. The changes to the Austin skyline have been remarkable both with new buildings and preservation of old buildings. Being Austin, the process of change had more than a few voices offering advice along the way. The resources of the Austin History Center were used by all in creating the new and preserving the old. Many thanks are due the sponsors of the luncheon who represent a wide swath of business and private community citizens.

Special kudos are also due to the Driskill Hotel as very gracious hosts and the kitchen staff led by Executive Chef Troy Knapp, Special Events Chef Brian Contreras and Pastry Chef Tony Sansalone. The lunch was superlative and the dessert by Chef Sansalone was just off the charts–(Helen Corbitt’s Pecan Ball Dessert).

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