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Robert Godwin has been covering the non-profit scene in Austin from the time of blue jeans and backyard barbeques to the black-tie galas of today. With over 20,000 events recorded by word and photo, Godwin leads the leagues in rubber chicken consumption. As a constant witness to the power of publicity, he now seeks to enlist a legion of assistants by sharing his knowledge of the publicity process.

Dancing with the Stars Austin sets New Record!

Posted at December 10, 2014 by Comments Off on Dancing with the Stars Austin sets New Record!

The 8th Annual Dancing with the Stars Austin set a new record with its fundraising at the Hilton Austin for the Center for Child Protection. Event Chairs Katie Jaffe and Venus Strawn were joined by Honorary Chairs Andra and Joe Liemandt in leading the committee and attending, sold-out crowd to a 7 digit total beyond last year’s record. They enjoyed extraordinary support from the private and business community with a special tip of the hat to Title Sponsor Lexus of Austin–who has been supporting the Center from the beginning. Emcee and Dance Director Sabrina Barker-Truscott had her work cut out for her in corralling the three judges: Ed Clements, Jeff Jumonville and Chuck Woolery. The repartee was fast and hilarious with Woolery bringing a gracious charm to the proceedings.

The celebrity dancers and their professional dance partners spent months practicing the routines and earned thunderous applause for their performance. They included: David Dunham & Sarah Berens; Donna Stockton Hicks & Angel Figueroa; Adam Zeplain & Amanda Warren; Cassie LaMere & Gary McIntyre; Sarah Meredith & Matt Stewart; Grant Foster & Bernadette Carmichael; Gene Austin & Taletha Jouzdani; Shelby Marquardt & Rowdy Dufrene; Francie Little & Albert Tailleur; Katrine Formby & Randy Ferguson. Katrine took home the disco ball trophy but every dancer was certainly in the competition.

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