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Robert Godwin has been covering the non-profit scene in Austin from the time of blue jeans and backyard barbeques to the black-tie galas of today. With over 20,000 events recorded by word and photo, Godwin leads the leagues in rubber chicken consumption. As a constant witness to the power of publicity, he now seeks to enlist a legion of assistants by sharing his knowledge of the publicity process.

St. David’s Foundation Turns Up Amplify Austin

Posted at March 26, 2013 by Comments Off on St. David’s Foundation Turns Up Amplify Austin

In support of this year’s successful Amplify Austin effort, St. David’s Foundation announced grants totaling $370,000 to more than 30 health care related nonprofits and agencies, supplementing the funds raised by the Foundation’s grant partners during the 24-hour fund drive.

Amplify Austin’s fundraising efforts in early March were a huge success for the local community. The objective was to raise $1 million in donations to Austin nonprofits in 24 hours. The goal was reached and surpassed, with the Foundation grants taking the total to just over $3 million.

Executive and Development Directors of 37 St. David’s Foundation partner agencies joined Earl Maxwell, CEO of the Foundation, for lunch and, most importently, accepting the checks. The Foundation’s partner agencies were informed prior to the launch of Amplify Austin that the Foundation would supplement the donations they raised during the one-day fundraising drive.

“Hospice Austin was delighted to participate in Amplify Austin, and we are tremendously gratified by the generous response from our supporters all across the community,” said Grace Washington, Development Director at Hospice Austin. “To add to our delight, St. David’s Foundation has contributed almost $60,000 in support of our efforts to raise funds through Amplify. As a result, Hospice Austin will be able to serve more families here in Central Texas.”


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