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Robert Godwin has been covering the non-profit scene in Austin from the time of blue jeans and backyard barbeques to the black-tie galas of today. With over 20,000 events recorded by word and photo, Godwin leads the leagues in rubber chicken consumption. As a constant witness to the power of publicity, he now seeks to enlist a legion of assistants by sharing his knowledge of the publicity process.

A Vintage Repast

Posted at April 30, 2012 by Comments Off on A Vintage Repast

A chance to put a dent in Larry Peel’s wine cellar is more than sufficient reason to attend this Toast party. His reputation for collecting superb wines is thoroughly earned. Small wonder, then, that this is one of the first parties to fill up. As guests arrived, they were instantly able to verify the quality of a lovely chardonnay. What is wine without food, however? Fine wine needs fine cuisine, so Chef Elmar Prambs dropped by to cook dinner as guests luxuriated in the treasure packed cellar. After dinner by Prambs, the steps leading out were a bit of a challenge with most vowing some time on a treadmill to work off the calories. Life can be very, very good at a Toast party!

Hosted by : Meri & Rob Hagelberg, General Manager, Four Seasons; Deborah & Larry Peel; Elmar Prambs, Executive Chef, Four Seasons

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