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Robert Godwin has been covering the non-profit scene in Austin from the time of blue jeans and backyard barbeques to the black-tie galas of today. With over 20,000 events recorded by word and photo, Godwin leads the leagues in rubber chicken consumption. As a constant witness to the power of publicity, he now seeks to enlist a legion of assistants by sharing his knowledge of the publicity process.

HeartGift Ambassadors Join Forces

Posted at April 9, 2012 by Comments Off on HeartGift Ambassadors Join Forces

A first-time reception for the newly created HeartGift Ambassadors brought a crowd of young professionals to Hotel St. Cecilia in South Austin. Event Chairs Nicole and Bill Kessler with Ali and Trey Watson were joined by Founder Chairs Stacy and Jerry Dollar in welcoming guests to the evening and the mission of HeartGift.

HeartGift began in 2000 and has provided well over 100 life-saving heart surgeries to children from around the world. These operations are simply not available to the children in their native countries—so they travel to Austin, stay with a host family and receive the operation that allows them to grow and prosper. It is very much a “village” effort between hospitals, surgeons, anesthesiologists, host families and many

The Ambassadors will help spread the word of HeartGift as it expands beyond Austin and saves the lives of even more children.

For more information, visit the website at:

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